About Oz Metal Art ~ Est 1998

custom made metal art gate featuring 2 kookaburras perched on gum tree branches

Custom made gate for our friend Anne.

Custom made Kookaburra metal art garden gate

Oz Metal Art is a family owned and operated metal art studio based in the South Gippsland region of Australia. We specialise in the design and manufacture of Australian weathervanes, personalised signs and many other types of decorative metal artwork. Murray & Mary have been designing and making metal art for their customers for over 15 years and originally started producing steel art as Artisan Steel in Tumbarumba NSW.

All of our metal art weathervanes are now made from stainless steel to last for a lifetime and beyond. 

Based on our many years of experience we choose to no longer make any metal art work in mild steel. It is almost impossible to ensure that the coating will not degrade, (rust develops underneath the paint ~ all powder coat is permeable and will fail on mild steel over time especially at the sharp cut edges).

We can also make metal art in weathering steel for a rustic effect. Also known as Corten this steel develops a rusty patina that then forms a protective coating that prevents further oxidisation providing it’s exposed to the air. It is not suitable for use in the ground or exposed to salt spray.