Gypsy Cob Horse Weathervane

Photo of Hand Painted Weathervane of our Cob Stallion Tom of Brackenhill on orange background

Hand Painted Weathervane of our stallion Tom of Brackenhill

We made this horse weathervane as a tribute to our much loved horse Tom of Brackenhill after his untimely death. It's painted in archival oils on an acrylic ground. The stainless steel surface was given a key first so that the acrylic coating would adhere and create a suitable surface for the oil paint.

​The oils that I used are special ones made in Australia that are very lightfast and flexible. It's a bit of an experiment and will be interesting to observe over the years how well the flexible artist's oils stand up to the expansion and contraction of the metal in Australia's extreme climate.

There are still a few tweaks required before I will be happy with his portrait and once the oils are totally dry I will then apply a protective nanotechnology wax coating​ to increase the UV resistance and protect the surface from chemical attack.

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